Our mission

Empowering veterans on their path to becoming global leaders


Veterans in Global Leadership (VGL, a 501(C)3 nonprofit), was created to help fill a gap: the dearth of recent veterans moving into leadership positions. Our mission is to train, mentor and empower student veterans on their path to becoming tomorrow's global leaders. VGL is already the leading global leadership development program for veterans (enlisted and junior officers).

The U.S. has a significant, highly undervalued asset -- enlisted servicemen and women and junior officers -- who have a strong public service interest, are strategic risk takers and proven leaders with a passion for service. Less than .5% of the U.S. population, they are poised to make an outsized contribution. This next generation of leaders is ready to address our nation's current and future needs across sectors -- public, private and nonprofit. 


VGL is focused on building the leadership pipeline of these veterans: highly competent, skilled leaders who have already excelled in facing and solving the complex challenges the U.S. and our allies face abroad. The VGL program is a unique 12-month leadership fellowship for student veterans. We recruit and guide the most qualified young student veterans from across the country, who aspire to positions of global leadership. As such, VGL distinguishes itself as a leadership development program, not a benefits or career readiness program. 

VGL is already transforming the leadership landscape to making a way for talented veterans to continue their service as leaders. VGL Fellows have the skills to address VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). These attributes are at the core of ethical, strong and effective leadership. At a time when leadership is in crisis, VGL believes in the power of veterans to fulfill vital leadership roles across all sectors. Supporting them enables us all to excel as a nation and global leader. 

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Jayson W. Browder U.S. Air Force & Iraq Veteran  Executive Director and Chairman,  VGL

Jayson W. Browder
U.S. Air Force & Iraq Veteran
Executive Director and Chairman, VGL