Make a Difference

Your contribution to VGL allows us to directly achieve our misssion.

Veterans in Global Leadership is a two year old 501(c)3 whose goal is to cultivate student veterans with high-potential to be change agents and leaders in their respective fields. Our program has been built on a proven mentorship model, incorporating individualized mentorship for a full academic year from military and civilian experts from a diverse array of fields. Based on the experience of the forty-five Fellows who have entered this program, it has been an unqualified success. 

Based on our experience to date, we are convinced that the VGL program model is full scalable. Our mentorship model is very effective. There is currently a sufficient number of qualified volunteer mentors to expand the program, and that number will grow as the program does. The number of veterans who could benefit from the VGL program also continues to grow; yet only a small percentage of those who wish to participate have the financial wherewithal to do so. 

The VGL success to date speaks for itself. We are now seeking the funding to be able to sustain its steady and purposeful growth.

Moving forward, we are also seeking partnership opportunities to address the questions relating to the scope and scale of further expansion. 

Thanks again for your support to our veterans, fellows and our organization. 

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