Chertoff Group Leadership Seminar featuring Michael Hayden


General Michael Hayden is a retired four-star general who served as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. Hayden is currently a principal at the Chertoff Group and recently published a New York Times best selling Memoir Playing to the Edge.


"At VGL, we believe in the power of mentorship from extraordinary leaders like General Michael Hayden. That is why we work hard to ensure our VGL fellows have the opportunity to engage and learn from our nation's top leaders. We want our VGL fellows to understand their future leadership potential." - Jayson W. Browder, Founder and Executive Director of Veterans in Global Leadership


"Exceptional leaders, such as General Hayden, recognize that developing future leaders involves guidance and mentorship. This understanding was exemplified when he took time away from his new book and busy work schedule to speak with Veterans in Global Leadership Fellows about the five tectonics we need to be aware of as we prepare for the mantle of national and global leadership." Maureen Elias, Army Veteran & 2017 Veterans in Global Leadership Fellow