1. Setting the conditions for success

We create an annual plan to recruit mentors with a passion for their positions, with broad networks, and who are adept at providing constructive criticism and translating military service skills and values into relevant workforce framing and parlance.  We identify and recruit high-quality, proven mentors to ensure that each fellow has the right mentor to maximize their success. 

2. What gets measured gets managed

Prior to the beginning of the academic year we provide over-arching guidance on the value of the mentorship program and how to make best use of it.  We provide resources for fellows to develop their mentorship plans which will guide their interaction with their mentor, and guidance on how to take advantage of all of VGL’s resources.


3. Ongoing Support and Coordination

Mentors and fellows will jointly finalize the fellow's mentorship plans and engage in an ongoing basis to achieve as many of the fellow’s goals as possible in 12 months. This is a living document and we expect the plan to evolve as fellows decide how they want to add the most value to our nation.

4. Evaluate results and maintain connectivity

Upon completion of the fellowship, we survey our fellows and mentors to evaluate their experiences in the program, matched against their expectations at the start of the fellowship cycle. We engage with each fellow and mentor to maintain continuity across fellowship classes and increase the impact of the VGL network.